Our Pastors

Rev. Brian Carroll

Lead Pastor

A gifted speaker and teacher, Brian loves seeing when it finally "clicks" with people. Whether it is a non-believer who finally understands the Gospel or a lifelong saint who realizes something new they've been missing for years. He considers it an honor to experience these moments as a vessel used by God through preaching and teaching.

Rev. Foster Payne

Worship Pastor

A lifelong musician, Foster considers it a privilege to lead our people into a pathway of communication with God every week. He has a passion for music's ability to heal and soothe the suffering, to resonate within each of us, and bring out and turn over the groanings of our hearts to the Holy Spirit.

Rev. Spencer Kinkade

Student Pastor

An energetic leader and role model for our students, Spencer wishes to see his students come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior, then empower them with the tools and confidence to own their faith and grow in it with the goal of sharing the Gospel with others.

Rev. Matthew Finchum

Children's Pastor

As our Children's Pastor, Matthew is dedicated to planting the Gospel in the hearts of our children. He does so through music, memory verses, and activities that are not only fun but complimentary to the Biblical lesson being taught. Beyond this, Matthew is focused on teaching small group leaders how to work with children effectively.


the CVBC Staff

The ones who really run everything...


Connie Jenkins

Church Secretary


Megan O'Mary

Daycare Director


Carol Floyd

Church Administrator


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